Dale's Home Movies

by Larry Gorden, January 2012

These are short digitized clips from a reel of 8mm movie film taken by Dale Gorden, circa 1962-63.  Click photo to run the movie clip.

Christmas 1962.  Joyce, Chloris, Bertha.
Christmas 1962.  Joyce and Dale.
Joyce scraping snow off window.
Zelma, Bertha, & Karen.
Gorden boys (Ronnie, Larry) and Bridges boys (Byron, Wayne, Kenneth) in suits.
Joyce says goodbye as they ride off in Wayne's 1962 Pontiac.
Wayne & Larry in Wayne's 1962 Pontiac.
Ronnie, Byron, Jerry (Larry's friend from Carrollton) and ???
Larry & Friend getting 1955 Pontiac engine compartment ready for 1959 engine install.
Wayne blowing smoke, Larry blowing smoke rings.