Our Animal Lifestyle

by Larry & Julia Gorden


Moose Deceased November 2007 (11 1/2 years old)
  Max Deceased 2010






Pele Deceased at 18 years old


New Member of Family, Tinker

3 year old female Great Dane



Day 1 -- Jan 17, 2009

4 weeks later






New Member of Family, Buck

December 22, 2009

believed to be about 2 years old, male Great Dane


Friends picked him up in Tehachapi, he had been running around stray, was in the snow looking for water and food.  He was very thin.  We took him in to find him a home but you know how that goes.




Jan 15, 2010.  He's looking better but still thin.  He decided to keep us.



Summer 2010


He wants to be a lap dog.


I've been replaced!



Look out Buck!!!







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