Aqua Dulce Cruisers


Party and Meeting with Julia, Larry, Moose, and Pele

July 17, 2002


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Julia, flipping...





Cars, Cars, Cars, Awsome!!!



Glen and Dorthy



George and Marty's Car



George and Linda



Floyd and Anna's Truck



Jim and Martha's car



Ken and Kris cars



Richard's car


Ed and Stella


Larry's Olds - Powered by Coors



Glenda's Chevy



Jerry and Betty's car




These pictures have been cropped and "adjusted" from the originals.  They are stored on the web page and displayed in a lower resolution than the original pictures - to make the files smaller and displayable through a slow internet connection (as I have).  Let me know if you want any of the original high-resolution pictures.  They average around 600 KB each (the web pictures are around a tenth that size).  That means two might fit on a 1.4 GB floppy disk.


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