Larry & Julia Gordenís Home Page

Lots of pretty old stuff here, don't get out here often to "clean up" and update.  This retirement thing keeps me soooo busy.  I'm keeping our water company records online now so just added link to Baxter, so I can find it quickly... 


May the Force be with you...  Larry,  9/30/09.

Edwards AFB - Where Larry worked before retirement.

Our Animals around home.

Baxter Water Company for local residents in our company.

Around home - Interior Exterior.

Jazz - our horse.

Julia and Jazz Chasin' Max - Caution!!! this is an 18MB file.  It's a short movie of Julia on here horse Jazz chasing our Brown Great Dane, Max.  Our other Great Dane, Moose, is the spotted dog in the movie.  They are all having a good time.

Perl at Mule Days - Jennifer's (Julia's daughter) mule at mule days May 2005

Bicycle Ride Los Angeles to Boston - The story on cross-country bike ride in 1998.

Family Movies from 1963.


1956 Pontiac Safari - our car...  Latest pictures.

Cruisers Club - Cruisers club meet at our house.  Link to my web site with info on 1955-57 Pontiacs in general and the Safari model in particular...  This is the most complete source of information on 1955-57 Pontiacs available on the internet.